Ask me anything   From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I need to get batcat a dalek. They would be buddies, contemplating on how to take over the universe.

I need to get batcat a dalek. They would be buddies, contemplating on how to take over the universe.

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"Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you."
Chuck Klosterman - Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story (via thatquote)

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Exactly. Rules to live by.

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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

I’m not an emt yet, but everytime I see someone do drugs, I just hope they’re smart enough to remember these points.

I really love this, because as someone with anxiety when I did take party drugs way back when I was always scared of going to the hospital because I didnt want to be arrested…..even when I bad tripped and cried in the bathroom for 10 hours because I thought Jeff was trying to murder me. I dont do party drugs anymore, but it still is comforting to me….seriously.

Most EMTS and medics I’ve met are some of the most non-judgmental folks ever. Look, we love helping people and saving lives. That’s what we went to school for. Help us help you, and everyone will fare better for it. 

OH MY GOD THIS. 100% this. Coming from the daughter of an EMT, all they are concerned with is helping you. That is the only thing on their mind once that tone goes out and they turn the ambulance lights on. Don’t be stupid. Save yourself. 

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lightwriter asked: Out of all the people I have met in the world in my travels I think you are the one I constantly miss the most.



Making me tear up at work.
I miss you to the moon Dan. Always.

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"Missed the last episode of one of the most popular TV shows on air? Worried about spoilers? GET OFF THE DAMN INTERNET."
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